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3 Steps to Creating Your Customized Financial Roadmap

3 Steps to Creating Your Customized Financial Roadmap

November 02, 2020

For many, the coronavirus has changed the way they manage their finances. Some people are
spending less, saving more and realizing they need a plan for retirement. The pandemic has
shown us we can’t predict the future, but we can prepare. At Zephyrus Financial Services, we
have seen first-hand the value a customized financial roadmap brings to someone’s life. Here’s
how we do it:

Dream of Your Destination
Many people think investing is all about percentages and returns. But the first step to feeling
confident in your financial future is talking about your dreams and setting goals. We find out
what’s important to you and your family by asking you to dream big. Even during this uncertain
time, we don’t want you to hold back. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of traveling more, owning
a sports car or saving for your child’s wedding. As goal-oriented financial advisors, our favorite
call to make is when we get to tell a client we have reached or surpassed their goals and
dreams, and it’s time to dream bigger and set new goals!

Set Your Course
Once we have an understanding of what’s important to you, we create an income plan to help
make sure your money can sustain your lifestyle during retirement. People are living longer,
and we want retirees to enjoy their lifestyle; we account for longevity and invest accordingly.
How much money someone needs to retire is going to vary from person to person. Having an
accurate estimate of what your expenses will be in retirement will impact how much you save
during your working years and how much you can withdraw in your golden years. If you don’t
put a plan in place, you can easily outlive your savings and risk not living the lifestyle you want.

There’s a common misconception all you need is a 401(k) plan, IRA or Roth IRA. While these are
important, an investment vehicle is just one small piece to the puzzle. We take into account
your Social Security benefits, taxes, insurance, health care costs, estate planning, inflation and
any debt you might have. Oftentimes, these areas are overlooked, but all of this information is
needed to create your customized financial roadmap.

Ask for Help
A customized financial roadmap isn’t a set and forget plan. When things change in your life, we
adjust your roadmap. We don’t want you to take this financial journey alone, and we help you
every step of the way. Our passion for research means we’re working to consistently analyze
your returns, and our attention to detail allows us to adjust different aspects of your financial
roadmap to keep you on track. We take the mystery out of planning, help identify barriers and
make your retirement a reality.

Our clients are at different stages in life. Whether you are still working or nearing retirement,
your customized financial roadmap is built around your goals and dreams. It’s not too early or
late to start! Contact us to get your retirement on the right track!