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Don't Let News Headlines Influence Your Investment Decisions

Don't Let News Headlines Influence Your Investment Decisions

August 02, 2021

It is easy to get bogged down by the news when we have access to updates 24 hours a day. In fact, a recent study found about two-thirds of Americans are experiencing news fatigue. Some days it feels like we can’t turn on the TV or glance at our phone without seeing another comment or perspective about what the markets are doing and what we should be doing with our money. All the information we’re exposed to can leave us feeling overwhelmed or uncertain when it comes to our finances. It can even have a negative impact on our investment decisions.

We emphasize to our clients they shouldn’t let headlines dictate how or when they invest. What you’re reading or hearing may not be an accurate picture of what is actually happening in the market.

How can we stop stressing out over the news?


Research the Source

We aren’t asking you to stop reading the newspaper or watching the evening news; we want you to be mindful of the source. Research who is presenting the information. Is it your local news anchor, national media outlet or did a friend share a link to an article on Facebook? A good news source should inform readers.  You could be reading about the latest annuity product from the company itself, meaning the information may be bias in nature. A good news source will correct errors, mark columns as opinion and disclose conflict of interest. Reporters will verify the information and provide sources. We understand no news source gets everything right 100% of the time or is completely free of bias, but do your best to determine the credentials of who is providing you with the information and if they are a credible source.


Determine What You Can Control

If news coverage is causing you to worry about issues that don’t pertain to your life, it may be time to take a break from the source. Most of the stories in the news don’t impact our lives and we have no control over them. Use your time and energy to focus on things you can control. Spending time on things we can’t control makes us less effective and takes our focus away from the things we really care about.



Remember Your Unique

Each person is unique and has different life experiences that shape their perspective and financial situation. When you’re consuming news, keep in mind the buzz words you’re hearing don’t necessarily affect everyone. Financial advice should be customized to your needs because everyone’s goals are different. We get to know each of our clients by understanding their goals and dreams. Then, we create a customized financial roadmap specifically made for our clients. Life is always changing. When we achieve your goals and dreams, we update your financial roadmap to get you to the next step in life. We often discover you can take less risk and still reach your goals.


Reach Out for Help

We educate our clients about their money and make sure they understand what we’re doing and why. We walk clients through every part of their individualized roadmap using a software program that shows them the odds of success for reaching their goals. If you hear something in the news that you have questions about, reach out to a professional. We can help you sort through the headlines and be the calming voice to help ease your fears. Financial decisions can be very confusing and overwhelming. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with each and every one of our clients to help them understand every aspect of their financial roadmap.


If you have questions about the market or your retirement investments, we invite you to set up an appointment. Contact us today!