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How to Enjoy Your Retirement

How to Enjoy Your Retirement

March 01, 2022

You spend your working years saving, saving and saving some more for retirement. But when you finally retire, it can be overwhelming to navigate your newfound free time! Many people think planning and investing for your future is all about percentages and returns. However, the first step to feeling confident in your financial future is talking about your dreams, setting goals and creating a roadmap to reach those goals. So we’re breaking down three planning tips to help you truly sit back, relax and enjoy your retirement.


Have Something To Do

With roughly 40+ hours a week to suddenly fill when you begin your retirement, it’s important to have things to do. Take the time before your last day on the job to consider how you might like to spend your post-career days. Some people volunteer, help care for their grandchildren or join a walking group or book club.


For other retirees, the workforce continues to call to them! In 2021, 25.9 million of the 152 million people in the workforce are between 55-64 years old. An additional 10.1 million are those 65 and older. Working full-time or part-time in retirement can really fill your cup and help provide the sense of purpose we used to have from the daily 9-5 grind. The additional income in retirement can be great for those who may feel like they haven’t saved enough. If you choose to work in retirement, make sure you’re communicating with your financial professional. The income you earn could impact your tax situation.


Make Your Dreams a Reality

At Zephyrus Financial Services, we begin our retirement planning process by asking you to dream big. Couples should have shared dreams as well as outline individual goals. Whether you want to travel to a different country once a month, drive a sports car or save for your child’s wedding, we help our clients map out their future to help them make their dreams a reality.


It can be a scary feeling shifting from your saving years in the workforce to your spending years in retirement. If you’ve planned and saved for your dream trip to Europe or earmarked enough to snowbird somewhere warm, we’re here to tell you, you can do it! Pursue your dreams! Why else would you spend more than 40 years working, setting money aside and planning for your dreams with your financial advisor if you’re not going to use it?!


Do What Makes You Happy

Finally, do what makes you happy, or better yet, spend money on what makes you happy! In retirement, you shift to a fixed income. It may feel rigid or lacking flexibility, but that’s not the case. Entering retirement provides a fresh opportunity to reevaluate what you are spending your money on every month, get rid of expenses you don’t want to pay for anymore and plan for new additions.


If you need help planning your retirement or are looking for an advisor that can help you set goals and pursure your retirement dreams, schedule a meeting with us to start the process of creating your customized financial roadmap.


Retirement is a fun and exciting time of life! You’ve worked hard for it, so enjoy it!