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Zephyrus Financial Services: We are Intentionally Different

Zephyrus Financial Services: We are Intentionally Different

January 10, 2020

From the outside looking in, it might seem like all financial firms are the same. If you’re comparing advisors, we are going to look different, and that is intentional. So, how are we intentionally different

Dreaming Big

We are dreamers. It’s important we get to know you before creating your financial roadmap. We spend time listening to stories about your family, hobbies and dreams. We really challenge you to dream big! Whether you want to travel to a different country once a month, drive a sports car or save for your child’s wedding, our investment strategies help make your dreams possible. Our mission is to help you accomplish your goals and dreams, then set new ones. We love calling to tell you we have reached or surpassed your goal or dream and it’s time to dream bigger and set new goals!

Customized Financial Roadmap 

We create a customized financial roadmap for each client we work with. We provide this crucial service so you can see the value we add to your financial success. We create your customized roadmap using the best tools in the industry. Your accounts are monitored daily with award-winning technology. Our passion for research means we’re working to consistently analyze your returns, and our attention to detail allows us to adjust different aspects of your financial roadmap to keep you on track. Whether you are still working or nearing retirement, your customized financial roadmap is built around your goals and dreams. Many people think investing is all about percentages and returns. But the first step to feeling confident in your financial future is talking about your dreams, setting goals and creating a roadmap to reach those goals.

Unique Investment Approach

Zephyrus Financial Services was founded on integrity. We don’t have quotas to fill and can spend our time focusing on creating a plan with the best investments for your individual situation. Our fee structure is intentionally different. Success isn’t selling you an expensive product; success to us is working in your best interest to help grow your money. All of our investment research is done in-house. We use our own models, review accounts every day and rebalance quarterly. While we are based in Minnesota, we are able to work with clients across the country. We’ll travel to you and work with you in the comfort of your home or office. You can trust we will put your needs first, at all times and in every decision.

Financial decisions can be confusing and overwhelming. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with each and every one of our clients to help them understand every aspect of their financial roadmap.

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