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Market Commentaries Curated For Our Clients - Trending Topics

Hartford Funds - High Long-Term Returns Require Patience 1/25/2023

PGIM Investments - Bonds deliver strong returns after yield curve inversions 1/18/2023

PGIM Investments - Bonds historically provided consistent positive performance after Fed pauses 1/11/2023

First Trust - Market Minute with McGarel 1/4/2023

First Trust - Client Resource Kit 12/30/2022

Vanguard - Why you shouldn't abandon bonds 7/29/22

DWS - From valuation risk to earnings risk 7/20/2022

Capital Group - Rob Lovelace on "all-weather" investing 7/11/2022

Voya Investment Outlook - Six themes to monitor in the second half of 2022 7/1/2022

Barron - Letter from Linda 6/30/2022

PIMCO Sector Outlook - Reaching for Resilience 6/30/2022

Fidelity Investments - Federal Reserve Rate Hikes Probably Don't Mean Recession 6/23/2022

Cetera Investment Management - Fed Monitor 6/21/2022

First Trust Datawatch - May Existing Home Sales 6/21/2022

Amundi Asset Management - Fed becoming worried about inflation expectations 6/16/2022

Amundi Asset Management - A (stag?)flationary tantrum: assessing the current market sell-off 6/16/2022

Cetera Commentary - Friday's Economic Reports Hit Investors with Double Whammy 6/13/2022

PIMCO - Semiconductors: A Less Cyclical Future 6/10/2022

PIMCO - Hammering Inflation With a Gavel 6/2/2022

PGIM Investment Perspectives - The cost of missing a market rebound 5/16/2022

Clark Capital Market Update - Nowhere to Hide 5/10/2022

Cetera Market Volatility - S&P 500 Annual Total Return and Max Drawdown 5/9/2022

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