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Camille Sanchez: The First Person You Meet at Zephyrus Financial Services

Camille Sanchez: The First Person You Meet at Zephyrus Financial Services

April 01, 2022

“Zephyrus Financial Services, this is Camille.” is often the first thing clients or prospective clients hear when they call the office. This brief opening line is the first step in their financial planning journey with us.


As the Sales Assistant and Office Manager at Zephyrus Financial Services, my job is to welcome clients and make them feel comfortable as they prioritize their retirement. I have the privilege of working with clients as well as our team of financial advisors. I am the first point of contact with each person that comes in our door. As clients begin planning their future, I get to see the attention to detail and strategy that goes into each clients’ customized financial roadmap.


Before starting at Zephyrus Financial Services in 2018, I attended Ridgewater College and earned my Accounting Associate of Applied Science degree. My interest in accounting ties in well with the work we do for our clients.


I know from personal experience how important it is to feel comfortable asking questions and learning from your financial advisor. When I met Tim and Amanda, I asked myself, how could I fit in? I didn’t have any experience communicating with people on the phone, but Tim and Amanda made me feel comfortable. Listening to how they would communicate with their clients helped me find my voice. Their passion for education is at the center of everything they do, so naturally, I’ve learned many lessons from them over the years. My key takeaways:


Start Early - It’s never too early to start saving for your financial future. While you have time on your side, put money aside! There is no better time than the present.


Teamwork - Each client has the distinct advantage of having three knowledgeable financial advisors, Tim, Amanda and Brandt, collaborating on their financial plan. Their collective experience and acumen produces thoughtful and well-strategized plans tailored to each clients’ retirement goals and dreams.


True Friendship - Tim and Amanda have been friends since college. Their friendship professionally and personally has stood the test of time. They balance each other very well and work together to bring comprehensive solutions to each client.


Every day, I feel so fortunate to be a part of such an exciting time for people as they plan their future. Over time, I get to know our clients’ interests, hobbies and families. So, I thought it was only fair to share some of the same with you!


Do you have any pets? - I have one cat named Sheldon! Yes, from The Big Bang Theory! My brother-in-law named him! He is seven years old and very spoiled because he’s my only fur baby.


Favorite food? - All breakfast, all the time! If there is breakfast on the menu, no matter the time of day, I will order that 90% of the time! My favorite place to order breakfast is iHop.


What are three interesting facts about me? - I love DIY projects, I am an only child, and I am married to my high school sweetheart.


I look forward to the next time our paths cross in the office or on the phone. To start planning your dream retirement, contact us here.