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Meet the Owner: Tim Piehl

Meet the Owner: Tim Piehl

October 06, 2022

On April 15, 2013 (yes, Tax Day), I started at Zephyrus Financial Services. After spending the first part of my career in the banking industry, I was excited to join my father’s business, which was then called PHB Financial Management. Eventually, I took over the business and have had the honor of carrying on his legacy of serving clients.


With more than 25 years in the financial industry, I feel a deep responsibility to our clients and helping them create the retirement of their dreams. We understand taking the leap to work with a financial advisor is a big one, so here are three things I want you to know about Zephyrus Financial Services.


We Customize Your Plan

People posting advice on social media and online are giving general advice, which generally is not good advice. We have clients bring in news articles or point me to websites with tips. Most of the time, it does not apply to their situation or is missing key pieces of information. It’s not custom to their needs.


Your needs are different from your neighbor’s down the street, and your retirement dream may be their nightmare. That’s why each client gets a customized financial roadmap. Our team approach allows us to create a plan with our unique strategies for 401(k) allocation, tax management and legacy planning and help you reach your goals. We listen to your wants and needs and build a plan from there.


We Do Our Best For You

We understand working with a financial advisor requires you to be vulnerable about all the personal and financial aspects of your life. To do the best work for you, we build a trusting relationship built on transparency.


During our first meeting, we spend time listening to stories about your family, hobbies and dreams. It’s important we get to know you before creating your financial roadmap. This truly and deeply motivates us to find the best solutions for you. The best part of my job is telling someone they can retire and live the dream they have been looking forward to their whole career.


We Don’t Sell “Products”

We do not sell “products.” As an independent advisory firm, we are able to offer a wide variety of investment options and build plans on a client-by-client basis. Our experience goes well beyond your typical small-town firm. We are large enough and conduct enough due diligence to have access to and use some of the best tools in the industry.


The whole team dedicates time to researching investment options and strategies on a consistent basis. I’ve even been known to research portfolios and products off the clock. Unfortunately, there are no “magic beans” when it comes to retirement planning. I quite often get asked about “sure thing” investments. And if there’s one thing I’m sure of, there’s no “sure thing” in investing. But a comprehensive plan can make your ultimate retirement a reality.


If I could go back to April 15th, 2013 - or even before - one thing I would tell my younger self is to learn as much as you can from whomever you can. With that in mind, I constantly try to learn as much as possible to better serve our clients and provide innovative and fresh solutions to their retirement plans.


We love being a resource for clients and those looking to start the retirement planning process. We are happy to sit down with people, answer their questions and help them plan the retirement of their dreams. If you are ready to start planning your financial future, schedule a meeting at Stay connected to us and the latest financial news by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ask the Owner:

What do you do when you’re not working?

I spend a lot of time reading. I spend as much time with my wife and three kids as possible. I also try to get a workout in. Emphasis on try.


Favorite quote and why?

This changes the more I read and learn, but right now it is, “In your lifetime you will have millions of encounters that will require you to make millions of decisions. The quality of your decision making will determine the quality of your life. Good decisions will reward you with good outcomes, and bad decisions will hurt you.” Ray Dalio – “Principles for Success”


Favorite food and drink?

I love coffee, and as Elliot from Lady in the Tramp said, “Coffee without cake is the devil’s work.” So, cake pairs perfectly.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Smart, funny and motivated.


What are some interesting facts about yourself?

  1. My direct ancestor, George Soule, came across the Atlantic on the Mayflower.
  2. I’ve written a screenplay.
  3. I have completed a half-marathon.