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Why Choose Zephyrus? A Q&A With Tim & Amanda

Why Choose Zephyrus? A Q&A With Tim & Amanda

May 06, 2024

We’ve heard it all.


You’re such a small firm! 


Where even is Hutchinson?


But my old financial advisor wanted me to do x, y, z…


It's no surprise that people have questions when it comes to choosing a financial advisor; trusting someone to manage your money can feel very personal. While we understand you may have some apprehensions, we want to address these misconceptions head-on.


We are intentionally different and proud of it! We hope that by hearing our perspective, you’ll see why our clients trust us to put their needs first and help them reach their financial goals. 


Q: You’re located in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Are you able to serve clients in the Twin Cities?

A: Absolutely! We’re proud of our local roots but aren’t confined to them. Not only do we serve clients across Minnesota, but the entire country as well! Currently, we work with clients in 15 different states and plenty of major cities. By leveraging technology like video conferencing and electronic signatures, we can effectively service clients from anywhere in the country.


While some clients love the convenience of digital technology, we also know some people prefer a face-to-face meeting. If that’s the case for you, we’re happy to connect in person, whether that means hosting you at our new office or meeting over a cup of coffee. Getting to catch up on life, hear more about your financial goals and dream big together — virtually or in person — is one of our favorite parts of the job.


Q: Is your team of four able to manage my financial plan?

A: We are a small, but mighty team. We have nearly 40 years of combined industry experience. Over the years, we have streamlined our processes and technology to ensure we can work as efficiently as possible for our clients. Our broker-dealer, Cetera, is one of the largest broker-dealers in the country! They provide us with competitive technology and resources that allow us to keep our team small and focus on portfolio construction, financial planning and top-notch customer service. We also partner with a CPA firm, estate planning lawyers and a bank, allowing us to provide a wide range of services and ensure all areas of our clients’ financial plans work together.

In many ways, being a smaller firm is a major benefit to our clients. We care about building meaningful relationships with each of them and want to provide a personalized experience that you simply can’t get with most big-name firms. During our first meeting, we want to learn all about you and your family, hobbies and dreams. Once we understand what matters most to you, we can create your customized financial roadmap.


Q: My old financial advisor never talked about these kinds of strategies. Why is your investment strategy so unique?

A: Other financial firms will often ascribe to one investment strategy for all their clients, but we know that your financial roadmap should be customized to your unique goals and needs. We don’t simply sell products and call it a day. Instead, we have created our own unique portfolio structure that can be customized and aligned to your specific needs. We focus on planning over products, which is a different approach in the financial planning industry. Our culture is intentionally different: We don’t emphasize sales or set certain quotas to meet. All of our recommendations are coming from us, not from a standardized practice. Your financial goals are unique to you, and we believe your financial plan and strategies need to reflect that.


Q: How can you help me reach my financial goals?

A: Our entire planning process is goal-oriented, meaning we make every decision with your dreams at the forefront. It’s common for advisors to create a plan that centers around your investment portfolio. While a good investment strategy is important, your financial roadmap is designed to address all of your financial needs — from income and estate planning to insurance and tax strategy. We want to make sure all of the parts are working together in unison.


We start by establishing your short-term and long-term goals, then create a roadmap to help you with each of them. Having clear milestones to work toward helps us pick the right financial strategies for you. Oftentimes, we find that you can take on less risk and still reach your goals.

We also understand that life is always changing; as your goals and dreams evolve, we update your financial roadmap to get you to the next step. It’s important to have a financial plan that can grow and adapt to your needs at every stage of life. Whether you want to help your kids save for college, enjoy a long, happy retirement or build a legacy for your grandchildren, we’re here to support your goals every step of the way.


Q: What should I do next?

A: If you want to learn more about what sets us apart from other advisors and how we can help you reach your financial goals, reach out to schedule a meeting with our team. We are excited to help you dream big and design your customized financial roadmap!